Why PhysEdGear? 

I have wanted to do this for a while, but … This is my first blog post – EVER.

Our little company PhysEdGear has taken a vision and turned it into a reality.  Not often do I take the time to reflect and write about the WHY.

WHY schools and organizations “should” call – My therapist a while ago told me I “shouldn’t should, but I just did”.

WHY people don’t trust that what we’re saying is going to happen.

WHY it’s hard to grasp our concepts when they are very simple ones to grasp.

Here’s the problem, I just assume that people get it.  When we speak about it, by we I mean my amazing team here, we speak with passion and heart – I think people are simply not used to it.  We explain it and portray the benefits of a Win-Win partnership.  PEG, as we call it, has gained some amazing traction and the below example is one that shows, very simply – THE WHY?

We are currently working with a school, discussing the full gamut of what needs to happen for a partnership to be successful.  They have 1,784 articles of clothing in their inventory – Total dollars amounting to approx $16,122.  The school let’s say has less than 600 kids that attend – many of which have been at the school for a few years and don’t need more spirit gear.  You know, they want the new stuff, not the same things that have been passed down for years.

So back to the inventory that has “holes” – the most popular sizes and colors that have sold where parents and students alike are demanding – and NO STOCK.   Of course they have to buy MORE to fulfill what people want.  Still NOT SELLING the other stuff and spending more money.

It’s a vicious cycle of always chasing your tail, filling more inventory and covering up the bad. Nothing moves, no money made, just more money spent.

This brings us to the WHY PhysEdGear.


NO money out of your pocket.

NO inventory to hold or sell.

NO collecting money from parents.

NO guessing as to sizes or colors that will sell.



We calculate your prices, then YOU pick your sales price to your students. We compile orders, collect funds and deliver what is ordered on demand. We deliver all goods to your school, along with bag and a student report so that you can put together a package for each student and distribute to them in their classroom. The shipment comes with your check for the funds raised.


PhysEdGear has helped raise over 30k dollars – ummm, that’s not a typo – $30,000 dollars this summer for just a few schools.

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– Scott Harris, Founder