The Best Gym Uniform Storage System for Your School

Centers for Disease Control, kids between the ages of 6 and 17 should get at least an hour of physical activity per day, yet many are not hitting that goal. Part of the problem is that changing before and after gym class requires too much time. If you want to get more of that time back, you need a gym uniform system in place. Once your students have a regular routine for putting on their gym uniform, taking it off after and storing their gym uniform, you’ll lose far less time to this process. Implementing a fully realized gym uniform system isn’t hard. For one thing, you need the uniforms. It’s best to order from a specialized gym uniform supplier rather than going with generic specifications, because then you can be sure every gym uniformhas the same washing instructions and so forth. To make this easier, you should procure the uniforms yourself and charge each student for a gym uniform at the beginning of the year – and for any needed replacements. Teach students how to store their gym uniforms. Should they be folded or hung? Do they need one set or two? Should they store them separately from other items in their gym locker? What other items do they need (i.e. socks, shoes, sweatbands, etc.)? When each student knows how to care for their gym uniform, they will be less likely to show up unprepared to class, which causes lost time. Then there’s the washing system. Institute a weekly wash, with students taking their gym uniform home on Friday and bringing it back on Monday. This gives them more time than asking them to wash it overnight, and heightens the chances that students will show up on time, uniform in hand and ready to sweat! ]]>