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School Fundraisers

Help Out Your School

Gone are the days of sending home a form to be filled out by parents. Maybe it gets brought to their teacher and maybe it doesn’t! We will take care of the counting, totaling and collecting and let your teachers keep teaching.

Middle Schools

Ordering your Gear:
Simple and Affordable

Two Simple Ways to Get Your Fundraising Gear

Set up a School Website

Set up a School Website

With PhysEdGear eFundraising, The PEG Team builds, populates and hosts your very own CUSTOM e-Fundraiser store.  Trust us - Less is more on your site.  You want to offer a few different items, but there are minimum quantities that need to be met before we can print your goods.  The answer is to talk it through with our experts and we can make it happen!

Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

Perfect for school clubs, summer camps and PE uniforms! Order your gear in bulk and sell directly to your parents. You will work with one of our PhysEdGear experts to design your custom apparel and gear and help guide you on the quantity.

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