The PEG Process™


Buying Spirit-Gear, Uniforms, or Apparel: Our Process is SIMPLE

  1. Call or Email the PhysEdGear team. 

We invite you to contact us via phone, e-mail or by filling out the form on our site.   We will ask some basic questions and guide you through the process.

  1. Discuss, Design and Decide.

Step two is the nuts and bolts of your custom spirit-gear or apparel order.  The experts at PhysEdGear will take the time to DISCUSS your needs.  Whether you have a logo or not, together we will DESIGN what is needed. Finally, we DECIDE on the final specifics to accomplish your goals.  Our TEAM is here for your TEAM to collaborate and make this memorable and successful.

  1. Your e-Fundraising Store

Gone are the days of sending home a form to be filled out by parents…  Maybe it gets brought back to their teacher, maybe it doesn’t?!?  Teachers and staff need to compile totals; making sure they’ve received checks, cash and even counting loose change!

With PhysEdGear eFundraising, The PEG Team builds, populates and hosts your very own CUSTOM e-Fundraiser store.  Trust us - Less is more on your site.  You want to offer a few different items, but there are minimum quantities that need to be met before we can print your goods.  The answer is to talk it through with our experts and we can make it happen!

  1. Promoting your e-Fundraising Store

Once your store is LIVE, it’s time for you to get the word out.  We will create a digital flyer for print or email distribution, but don’t have access to your student/parent information and won't ask for it!   This process depends on you getting your custom School Code out to everyone purchasing.  Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, printed flyers, robocalls - whatever ensures they know where to buy the goods and everyone will be happy! (especially your school when they receive a BIG CHECK at the end)  Remember, more sales = more fundraiser dollars.

  1. Orders and Information collected by our Team

This is the best part for our partners, NO MORE WORK. Your administrators and staff are there to take care of our children, please let us take care of what we know - YOUR SPIRIT-GEAR and APPAREL. We will compile all orders and collect all the funds throughout the timed campaign, sending you weekly updates of orders placed and monies earned to date. Upon the expiration of your timed campaign, we will promptly place our orders, delivering your goods within 2 weeks, and donate back your BIG CHECK.

  1. Wait for your Delivery

Delivered On-Time, Organized, and Error Free. PhysEdGear ships all goods in bulk to your school or location with a spreadsheet of your orders.

  1. Extra Credit Example

Your campaign sells 450 T-shirts @ $15.50 each. Your “Actual Cost" per shirt was $6.50 which included shipping, handling, artwork, set ups and any additional fees. After all goods were shipped and delivered, we will gladly send a check for the difference. In this case, $9.00 per shirt or a TOTAL of $4,050!! Now imagine doing this a few times per year with different designs.

  • Your school needed that new playground –
  • Your school needed more PE Equipment –
  • Your school needed updating to the exterior –
  • Your club needed funds for travel and competition expenses –

Let us help, we’ve got you covered! The only thing our TEAM asks, is that you send us reviews, pictures and the story of your experience. Help spread the word of mouth that it feels good to GET GEAR THAT GIVES BACK!

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