Customization Ideas For Your School Gym Uniforms

School Logo or Emblem. An official logo or emblem from the school is the perfect addition to school gym uniforms. It’s an ideal way to help students to show school spirit and increase student pride both during gym class and throughout the school day. Student Names. If the school PE uniform budget allows, add each student’s name to the uniform. Graduation Year. If adding each student’s name isn’t realistic, you could at least include their graduation year on the front or back of the PE uniform. Specialty Message or Motto. Does each class have its own theme, message or motto? Consider adding it to the school gym uniforms. This idea is also ideal if an additional shirt or uniform is being created for a team or subgroup within the regular gym class. Extracurricular Fitness Clubs. Some schools encourage fitness outside of gym class by offering additional sports and workout opportunities in the form of fitness groups or clubs. Creating a logo, mascot or emblem and printing it on a special uniform for these students can help encourage participation and boost their sense of pride. School PE uniforms bring a variety of benefits to students and schools. They increase student pride and school spirit, and one of the main reasons for this is that they can be fully customized. Use these tips and ideas for customizing your school’s gym uniforms.]]>