5 Ways School PE Uniforms Can Increase Quality of Life For Students

1. Less Delinquency A 1999 case study out of Long Beach, CA found that a school uniform policy dramatically reduced violence, crime, vandalism and resultant suspensions from these incidents. Crimes were found to be reduced by 90 percent or more, and vandalism falls by around 70 percent. 2. Less Bullying  Gym classes that provide school PE uniforms to children also report fewer incidents of bullying in the class. This is likely because the uniforms level the playing field in terms of the type of clothing available to the student. The students naturally feel a part of the same coherent team and are less likely to single anyone out for being different. 3. Increased Fitness Benefits Students who automatically receive high quality PE uniforms made of innovative fabrics and stitching are always well-equipped for gym class. Increased fitness benefits are the natural result. With the right uniform, there are fewer distractions and an increased ability to learn and perform well in all of the exercises. 4. A Safer Environment With high quality school PE uniforms provided, students are naturally more disciplined and focused in gym class. With more attentive students, less delinquency, more structure and less bullying, gym class is naturally a safer environment than it would be otherwise. 5. An Increased Sense of Belonging School PE uniforms are also shown to increase school spirit and a sense of belonging in the students who wear them. They feel all part of the same team, resulting in fewer cliques and less division overall. Customized uniforms with the school’s logo and colors can further enhance this sense of togetherness and school spirit. In addition to making life easier for teachers and administrators, school PE uniforms can increase quality of life for the students who wear them. Make school and gym class easier and more enjoyable for all students by providing them with high quality school PE uniforms from PhysEdGear.com.]]>