3 Considerations for Selecting Gym T-Shirt Material

Need for UV-Blocking Material Depending on your climate, some of your school’s gym activities may take place outdoors throughout the year. If this is the case, then you may want to consider PE uniforms with built-in UV-blocking materials to protect your students from the dangers of UVA and UVB rays hitting the skin. This is especially important if your school is located in a climate where many of your gym activities take place outdoors.

Longevity of Uniforms

How long do your need your PE uniforms to last? This is an important consideration that may also be somewhat determined by your budget. For instance, while you may save some money up-front by going with a cheaper material for your PE uniforms, you may also need to replace them sooner because of tears and other damage. Usually, the most cost-effective option tends to be paying for a more durable material up-front, since this means you’ll get more wear out of the PE uniforms.

School Uniform Budget

Speaking of your budget, of course this needs to be considered when selecting PE uniforms. If your budget isn’t quite large enough to purchase the PE uniforms you were hoping for, remember that you always have the option to raise more money through fundraising efforts like holding a school bake sale, fun run, or other event. By keeping these considerations in mind as you decide on the right material for your school’s PE uniforms, you’ll have all your bases covered. ]]>